USA Clangers Live at the Red Room in Baltimore, November 8th 2022

This one goes out to all the Americans out there that are of course celebrating their very American 4th of July and what better way to celebrate than with the USA Clangers. The USA Clangers is a group playing new and old material by Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson (aka me) but with an all-star lineup of Jonathan Pfeffer, Liz Meredith and last but not least Shayna Dunkelman.

This is a recording from a tour that the USA Clangers did in November 2022. The material is new and old – from the Fersteinn repertoire – 2 snippets from Landvættirnar fjórar re-arranged, plus two originals written especially for said ensemble.

This was the 3rd concert and was held at the legendary Red Room in Baltimore. The local improviser Bao Nguyễn opened up for us. In the Red Room, the tradition is that everyone who performed does a joint improvisation at the end of the concert. That was also the case this evening and we were blessed to get to improvise with Bao Nguyễn and we had lots of fun.

Recorded live at the Red Room, Baltimore November 8th 2022

Liz Meredith – Viola, percussion, turkey calls and other gadgets
Jonathan Pfeffer – Guitar, percussion, game calls and other gadgets
Shayna Dunkelmann – Percussion, various game calls, whistles and other gadgets
Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson – Tenor recorder, game calls, percussion and other gadgets

Bao Nguyễn – Voice on improvisation (on the last track or track no. 13)

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Shayna Dunkelman
Gu∂mundur Steinn Gunnarsson
Liz Meredith
Bao Nguyễn
Jonathan Pfeffer

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